Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This entry was based on theme of Steampunk.
the challenge was about re-imagining legendary characters from some
of the worlds most ancient stories, and render them with a steam-punk aesthetic using brass,springs,gears.The victorious character has been insipred from king Ashoka’s wife Kaurwaki ,colorized n dressed up while maintaining the steampunk look in ambience and weapons.

Kaurwaki- Steampunk Myth and Legends 2009


RAM-Reel 2009

Show Reel 2009 from Ram on Vimeo.

Quasar 5

A promotional viral made by Ishan Upadhyay ( http://experign.co.cc/ ) and Ram Singh ( http://ramnation.wordpress.com/ ) for the annual design festival of MIT Institute of Design

Quasar 5 from Ram on Vimeo.

Snake Charmer

Sukli N Hatta Animation Test

Sukli n Hatta

Character for 2D short film production

The film is about two friends and their attempt of making it big

Animation Kinematics

3D Animation - Kinematics from Ram on Vimeo.

Basics of Kinematic from Ram on Vimeo.

Advance Kinematic Assignments from Ram on Vimeo.

Bhoot Gaun-2D Short film-Background Design

Mystery of ‘Bhoot Gaun’

Village Kid- Character for 2d short film-Bhoot Gaun

Home- 3D Environment


War M

War M


Speed Sketch – War M

Speed Sketch - Series War M from Ram on Vimeo.

Design from Nature

Design Drawing- Perspective

The Redwood – Short Film

The Redwood- Short Animated Film by Team Avengers

Directed by- Ram Singh, Mitushi jain, Mohit Bhargava

The Redwood- focuses on perishing future…..

The Redwood- focuses on perishing future of mother earth where its difficult to survive for human as well as for nature. “Dox” a scientist who devotes his life… experimenting day and night for finding way of enabling sustainable environment with the help of modern technology, comes up with an unimaginable technology with the help of worlds tallest Redwood tree.

The Redwood from Ram on Vimeo.

Dox – character design sheet and sculpt

The Redwood – Storyboard

Dox’s Laboratory-Project Redwood

Dox’s Laboratory- pre coloring stage

Laboratory main centre unit

Final laboratory